The 31 Hong Kong film awards red carpet. Female stars’ evening dresses

The 31 Hong Kong film awards red carpet, Yang mi wears white mermaid evening dress appears looks like a goddess.

Her figure is graceful, this dress up is very charming.

Gao yuanyuan wears a naked color cheongsam style dress, noble and elegant. Small delicate handbag is also beautiful.

This is partysu style dress. Black and white are collocate well.

Chest part hollow out, this dress is real sexy. Bright green is charming. Mermaid style can show her good figure.

Evening dresses of “Red carpet queen” fan bingbing VS zhang ziyi

Fan bingbing and Zhang ziyi always be the hot debate by people. Especially the evening dress on red carpet.

Fan bingbing appears in the “Tree of life” first showing ritual red carpet and wears the yellow green Oscar de la Renta Spring 2011 Long dress which called “The Wizard of Oz”.

V-neck dress, diamond necklace decoration, feathers under the skirt, so noble and charming!


Simply elegant dress can show your good figure

Do you like simply dress? If you have a very good figure, you should choose a simply dress. Because simple cropping can show your figure better. So many female stars are like simply dress. It’s elegant and noble!

This evening dress is very simple but special and sexy!

This white evening dress makes Li Gong looks like a goddess.

A small black suit jacket,  collocated with black high heel shoes, fashion and spell able.

This white hairy small unlined upper garment looks fresh and lovely.


Julie’s high open evening dresses

Angelina jolie just had her 37 years old birthday, The news of her married ,think of by people again. this year she wears high open fork evening dress, actually it’s the necessary design of Julie on the red carpet . From 2003, Julie begin to try the high open long dress, to show her sex and beautiful legs!

January 15, 2012, Julie wears Versace high open evening dress appears on the red carpeyt of golden ball.

March 24, 2012. Julie wears Versace high open evening dress attended her movie’s premiere in Tokyo.

On January 21, 2012, Julie wears Michael Kors lace evening dress appears in the 23 rd producer award.

On 6 December 2010, Julie wears Versace white evening dress attended her movie’s premiere in New York.

On May 20, 2009, Julie and Peter attended Cannes film festival premiere red carpet.