Female stars’ beautiful and sexy evening dresses

Audrina Patridge’s coffee strapless tight small evening dress is very sexy, showing her good stature, shiny bracelet collocated very well.

Figure a little plentiful can chose this style evening dress, radian clipping can modified waist line, shiny silver line let your figure looks more Smooth.

Leighton Meester’s waist line is very beautiful, her belly is thin, let her whole dress up looks very perfect and charming!

Gwyneth Paltrow this black lace evening dress is super fashion! It’s very sexy, a lot of women like this style very much.

Blake Lively wears a perspective effect evening dress, very very sexy! If she doesn’t have such a good stature, she won’t dress it. S’s stature is really perfect!

Ginnifer Goodwin’s green evening dress is fresh,waist showing design add some mellow feeling. Necklace collocated very well, let the whole dress up full of living feel.

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